Kaia Girl Success Story: Michelle T.

There are those times when the couch occasionally wins out over going to the gym. And then there are those times where you truly find yourself in a fitness funk. If you’ve ever experienced any amount of a lack of fitness motivation, you know that it sometimes takes some extra support, an...

Kaia FIT Orangevale: Keely

"It is a marvel, this Kaia. It is magic and wonder and passion. We all hold it dear to our hearts and know that we all are part of something very special."


Kaia FIT Orangevale: Monica K

"Kaia has changed how I look at myself. I am stronger now. It has given me a sense of accomplishment, and helped me take back control of my life after my divorce."


Kaia FIT Orangevale: Gabbie

"I can’t say I enjoy getting up that early but the consistency in the gym has spread out to consistency with my Tri-training, my nutrition and even other aspects of my life."


Kaia FIT Orangevale: Melissa B

"Because of Kaia I have a new outlook on what my life can be, I love working out in the mornings, I’ve signed up for a half marathon, I push my limits daily, and I love my Kaia family!"


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